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Latest release: September 15th 2020 NEW CLASS


Why is it so awesome?

Whiteboard.fi is a simple tool that can be used instantly. By creating a class and letting your students join, everyone will get a digital whiteboard. You as a teacher see all your students' whiteboards in real time, so you can follow their progress. The students only see their own whiteboard and the teacher's.

Whiteboard.fi is an instant formative assessment tool for your classroom, providing you with live feedback and immediate overview over your students.

Instant Access

Setting up a new class whiteboard is lightning fast! No registration or logins needed!

Device Independent

Works on any device - no installation or downloads needed.


No personal information is collected, stored, or shared with third parties. Everything is deleted after the room is closed.

Access Control

You have full control of who enters your room by using the waiting lobby. There is also an option to lock your room after your class has started, preventing new users from joining.

Live Overview

Ask a question, and let the whole class answer by using Whiteboard.fi. This way you will activate the whole class, and everybody gets the opportunity to answer!

Versatile Tools

Insert images, backgrounds, arrows, shapes and texts! There are many different, versatile tools available.


Insert math symbols, expressions or equations easily using the math editor, where you can type using a graphical interface or insert LaTeX code.

Save Whiteboards

You can easily save all your student whiteboard images as a PDF file that can be saved locally to your device.

Made With Love

Made with love and shared for free! Read more why and how this is done...

FAQ and Help

Whiteboard.fi is really easy to use. Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions and help topic that can help you get started with the service.

Create a new class and share the room code with your students. The room code is a different, random code each time you start a new room. Note that the room code is only valid for the active session, so you cannot reuse the same room code or share the code before the session begins, as the room is only active while you as a teacher keeps the room open.
You can close your whiteboard class my clicking the -symbol and clicking "Close room". All whiteboards are deleted when closing a class. If you don't close your whiteboard class it expires and is automatically deleted after an inactivity of 120 minutes.
Every student whiteboard is visible for the teacher. The students only see their own whiteboard and the teacher's (they don't see each other's).
Please keep your room size below 50 participants. There is no fixed limit, but it might be difficult to keep track of all whiteboards with a larger number of participants than this.
When your students are using the text tool, the board is not saved while they type or have the field focused. In order for the text to save they need to deselect the text tool (by clicking outside the textbox on the canvas). You can also enable Slow mode, which means the students will have to manually push a button in order for their whiteboard to save. This way the text will be saved upon clicking the button.
You can draw simple math using the free hand drawing tool, or type math using the text tool. For more advanced mathematical equations or expressions, you can use the math tool. Please see the following video for more information about how to use the math tool: https://youtu.be/9snbheLxsvw.
The privacy for Whiteboard.fi is very simple:
  • No registration is required to use the service. No username, e-mail or password is required.
  • No personal information is stored or collected. The participants are asked their names when they enter a room (in order for the teacher to identify them), but nicknames or aliases can be used.
  • All information is deleted when a room is closed (or after 2 hours of inactivity).
  • No information is shared with third parties.
  • No tracking ads are displayed on the service.
  • Google Analytics is used for visitor analytics.
  • The servers are located within the United States.


Whiteboard.fi is created by me, Sebastian Laxell. It was created as a spin-off project from Ma.fi (also known as Matematik.fi), a digital online mathematics book available in Swedish, English and Finnish. I have previously worked as an elementary school teacher and IT-manager - so I know the struggle in finding good digital tools. I'm currently a full time IT consultant, web developer and entrepreneur.

"It's not about the tools - it's about the teachers. But the best teachers should have the best tools!"

I believe easy, affordable and excellent tools should be available to everyone. This is my contribution for improving education world-wide. If you like it, consider supporting Whiteboard.fi on Patreon to help me keep the service running and develop new features.


Developing and running the services takes time and costs money. If you like the service, please consider helping me keeping the service running by supporting Whiteboard.fi on Patreon. As a supporter you can influence on the development of new features!

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Do you have suggestions or feedback? Please contact me on:


Please see the FAQ before sending questions about the service.

News and Updates

Whiteboard.fi is constantly being improved and updated, and many new features are planned for the future. All new features and releases will be announced below.

I'm currently working on more advanced features and Premium user accounts, including permanent room urls, saving whiteboards for later reuse and more!

September 15th 2020

We are growing rapidly, and we're in the process of moving our services to a new provider in order to scale even faster.
In this update we've made some improvements, and also added emojis to keep you happy while you wait for new features!
Like it? Support the development of Whiteboard.fi on Patreon!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

You can now add emojis (requires image upload to be enabled)
Scaling in process...
We are improving and scaling everything behind the scenes.

September 7th 2020

A new engine has been installed under the hood! This makes everything run much smoother. We've also introduced a few new features (including music sheets), and reworked the layout a bit moving action buttons to a new toolbar below the whiteboard.
Also, you can now choose to clear only the foreground, keeping the background unchanged. This is especially handy if you're making notations on a background image, and wish to clear it without removing the background. Check out all the new features below!
We're also happy to announce that new Premium accounts are coming soon, including the possiblity to keep permanent and custom room URLs, and possibility to give feedback to student whiteboards! Stay tuned!
Like it? Support the development of Whiteboard.fi on Patreon!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

Improved engine
The new engine is faster and smoother!
Insert music sheet
Quickly insert a blank music sheet.
Copy student whiteboard to teacher whiteboard
Copy the student's current whiteboard and insert it as background on teacher whiteboard.
Improved design
Action buttons have been moved to a new toolbar, and you can now clear the foreground separately.
View user status
You now see icons after the user name, indicating if the user has left the room (a closed door ) or if the user is disconnected/inactive (a user icon with a slash ).
QR codes to join room
QR codes are now available, for easily letting your students join your room.

August 3rd 2020

A quick video guide for how to use the math tool has been released. More tutorial videos are coming in the future!
Also, many new features are under development - and loads of improvements are being made under the hood. Stay tuned for updates!
Like it? Support the development of Whiteboard.fi on Patreon!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

How to use the math tool
Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/9snbheLxsvw

May 26th 2020

You can now save all your student whiteboards as a PDF file! You can find the new feature under the main gear menu (look for "Save all whiteboards as PDF"). You can choose whether you wish to include the teacher whiteboard or not, and you can add a custom note that will be saved in the header of the PDF. The current time and date will automatically be added.
Like it? Support the development of Whiteboard.fi on Patreon!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

Save all whiteboards as PDF
Generate a PDF of all whiteboard images and save it to your device.

May 24th 2020

You can now insert mathematical text, symbols or equations using the new Insert math-functionality! This new feature is available for both teachers and students (if insert images is enabled for students). There has also been some minor improvements to the push functionality, making it more stable on slow connections, as well as some general bug fixes.

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

Insert math
Insert math using a simple graphical editor or by using LaTeX code. The math is inserted into the canvas as an image, and can be moved around and resized.

May 19th 2020

A quick update with two new important features: "Slow mode" and "Simple mode". These features can come in handy if you're using Whiteboard.fi on low end devices, or if you're on a slow or limited internet connection.

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

Slow mode
The slow mode will disable the automatic save functionality, and only save the whiteboard upon pressing the Save-button. This greatly reduces the use of bandwidth, and can also come in handy if you want your students to publish their works at a certain time.
Simple mode
Simple mode is a more lightweight editor, that can be faster on devices with less processing power. This mode disables some functionality (such as image uploads and moving objects around), but should be used if you feel the canvas is slow. Both students and teachers can toggle this mode on or off, and the teacher can also force the setting to be on.

May 17th 2020

Whiteboard.fi has been updated!
The greatest update since the launch of Whiteboard.fi has been released, and I'm very happy and excited to share it with you!
Listed below are the main new features, and there is more under development. The FAQ and Help section will be updated with more detailed instructions later.

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

New whiteboard canvas
The whiteboard canvas has been replaced, and the new canvas comes with many new editing tools, and enables you to move around the objects on the whiteboard!
Image uploads
Image uploads are finally here! You can upload an image and move/resize it, or upload an image as the background. As the teacher, you have the option to toggle image upload functionality on or off for students.
Waiting lobby
You can now use the waiting lobby to control who enters your classroom. There is also an option to lock the classroom when your class has started, preventing new students to join.
You can now easily insert background grids to your whiteboard. Currently there are two different grid sizes to choose among.
Dual view
The students can now view the teacher whiteboard and his/her own at the same time.
Coming soon: Pause students
You can pause your student whiteboards, disabling their drawing functionality until you enable it again.
Coming soon: Equations
Easily insert math equations using a simple editor or by entering LaTeX code.
You can now support Whiteboard.fi on Patreon! If you like the service, please consider supporting in order to help me keeping the service running.

May 3rd 2020

New feature released: Push whiteboard to students! This feature allows the teacher to push his/her current whiteboard to all students. This button will erase all the students' whiteboards and replace them with the teacher's current whiteboard. It is also possible to push the teacher whiteboard to individual students. The students will receive a notification when the teacher whiteboard is pushed.
The button is currently located below the teacher whiteboard, but will be moved in the future and grouped together with other upcoming features, such as the long awaited upload image functionality - stay tuned and check this section for update announcements!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi

April 26th 2020

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! More users are using the service every day, and loads of improvements have been made "under the hood" to improve site speed and the overall user experience. Unfortunately, I had some e-mail forwarding issues resulting in some e-mails being lost on the way... So if you've emailed me and haven't received a response - please send your message again!
I'm currently working on many new features, including the functionality to upload images and to push the teacher's whiteboard to the students. Stay tuned, and check this area for future updates!

/ Sebastian, info@whiteboard.fi