Online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms!

Instant access

Setting up a new class whiteboard is lightning fast! No registration or installation needed, and it works on all modern devices. Oh, and did I mention that it is free?

When you create your class you will get a short class code. Your students can join your whiteboard class by clicking "Join class" and entering the code, or directly by visiting https://whiteboard.fi/code.

Formative assessment

Whiteboard.fi is an instant formative assessment tool for your classroom, providing you with live feedback and immediate overview over your students.

Ask a question, and let the whole class answer by using Whiteboard.fi. This way you will activate the whole class, and everybody gets the opportunity to answer - not just the ones raising their hands. You also see all incorrect answers - providing you with valuable information of different misunderstandings.

Upcoming features

Whiteboard.fi is currently under development, and new features will be added later (such as premium teacher accounts for permanent room urls, upload images as whiteboard backgrounds, save class whiteboards as images, choose and publish a correct answer to students, and more!).

If you like the service, please take the time to send me feedback and improvement suggestions:

About Whiteboard.fi

Whiteboard.fi is created by me, Sebastian Laxell. It was created as a spin-off project from Matematik.fi, a digital online mathematics book. I have previously worked as an elementary school teacher and I am also a web developer and entrepreneur.

"It's not about the tools - it's about the teachers. But the best teachers should have the best tools!"

FAQ and help

  • What happens with my whiteboard class when I'm finished?

    You can close your whiteboard class my clicking the -symbol and clicking "Close room". All whiteboards are deleted when closing a class. If you don't close your whiteboard class it expires and is automatically deleted after an inactivity of 120 minutes.

  • My students are using the text tool, but I can't see their text!

    In order for the whiteboard to update when using the text tool the students need to deselect the text area. This is simply done by clicking beside the text box, so that the text input is no longer active.